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Entry #1

Did you guys like the watermelon?

2016-08-23 12:25:33 by usgurshaan178

Or do you just hate me completely?

If the latter is so, that's a shame.


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2016-10-08 10:43:40

I like watermelons

usgurshaan178 responds:



2017-01-08 14:21:30

trout mask replica <3

usgurshaan178 responds:

Funny that I've never finished the record yet. Never got the time. I'll start that shitshow right now.


2017-01-08 17:25:49



2017-01-08 22:32:33

it's a long ass record to be fair, and tries really hard to be unlistenable at times. Every time I think I've gotten used to it, then actually put it on and my brain just gets stomped on again trying to make sense of it

usgurshaan178 responds:

Well, I finished it. Side 1 is just incredible. Apparently it's a double album, so I guess Side 1 can join my top 10 favorite albums of all time. Moonlight on Vermont and Ella Guru truly show that Captain Beefheart, while not making atonal shit, can make some fucking killer shit. I'll see Safe as Milk next, I like this kind of blues stuff. R.I.P. Don Glen Vliet (1941 - 2010)


2017-02-11 17:49:56

You told me to draw this like forever ago but when I finished you werent in the chat, nor could I remember your name. Anyways here is a lemon party with spinning meat and goatse references

usgurshaan178 responds:

Excellent, despite me not remembering. Very beautiful.